How to Use Vitamin C and Retinol in Your Routine

The topical form of Vitamin C, delivers Vitamin C to the surface layers of the skin. In doing so, it lightens discoloration, helps reverse sun damage and helps quell acne. Sound familiar? Why yes, it sounds an awful lot like what Retinol does. Then why bother using both? Because Vitamin C is the Ying to Retinol’s Yang, accomplishing the same general task but in a different way so that together, they complete the job. Some examples:


Where Retinol tackles discoloration by breaking apart the dark pigment, Vitamin C fades any discoloration and does especially well on smaller specks of scars, age spots, and sun damage.

Where Retinol refines the texture of skin so it looks strong, Vitamin C builds collagen to strengthen and support it so it is strong.
Retinol fights a pimple from happening by cleaning out pores and eradicating bacteria-trapping dead skin, Vitamin C reduces the inflammation that makes small blemishes into big ones.

Both Retinol and Vitamin C help promote collagen, but each are involved at different stages in the collagen production process. Together, they ensure the maximum amount of collagen is produced.

The point of all this is these two ingredients accomplish the same end result, but in ways that the other one can’t. And together, they really get things done well. What a team!

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